When The Weapons Are The Voices

Album: Underground Tales | Track: 3

Dauer: 3:16

Aufnahme: 2014 | Samuel Wendl (Gesang), Tobias Spohrer (Gitarre), Anton Ponigl (Bass) und Valentin Michetschläger (Schlagzeug)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Benedigt Hain / Outback Recordings

When The Weapons Are The Voices


The Final Impact - When The Weapons Are The Voices



Might storms all over the land
The arms are livid and the peace is banned
Bursts, shots, there is no faith
And no compassion, ´cause the bullets are accurate


No one thinks about a useful key, ´cause everybody is busy with war
Those responsible escaped in another world
Where they have no charge anymore



Pure destruction, many civilians loose their alls
Mainly resistance by the people who should find solutions
None of them thinks about a crying mother with a death child in her hands
Shooted by mistake by a combatant but during war there is no bad conscience


When the weapons are the voices
Then all approaches are drowned
´Cause when the weapons speak
The state is in background
And the soldiers fight
They are forced to slay
While the people in power are sheltered and save


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The Final Impact - When The Weapons Are The Voices

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