House of Insanity

Album: TBA

Dauer: 6:51

Aufnahme: 2017 | Samuel Wendl (Gesang), Tobias Spohrer (Gitarre), Benjamin Hartl (Gitarre), Matthias Hartl (Bass, Synth & Drummachine) und Valentin Michetschläger (Schlagzeug)

Recorded and mixed by EYM Productions

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Video: 2018 | Thomas Weishäupel & Sinah Harm

Dauer: 8:01

Starring: Jasmin wenger, Christian Kastl (Kaktus), Tobias Spohrer, Samuel Wendl, Valentin Michtschläger, Benjamin Hartl & Matthias Hartl

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House of Insanity


The Final Impact - House of Insanity



Depression, rage and conspiration, anxiety
Thrown together in a building of insanity
Daylight breaks before the turn to the irrality
Dissevered from any kind of human dignity



A black and rusted panel van
Rolls down the path of no return
A weary girl with tearful eyes
Beholds the sky for one last time

The door is closing, the doc is coming. Pain is on it's way!



I can make you now an offer that you can not,
that you even can't refuse!
You just have to be brave and decently and last my therapy,
Then I may will let you free!

I'm really not sick! I think you can't gage that!
The pain erodes me! Think about what I said!

Distraughted and pleading cries
They fade away on naked dikes
And the cold and empty walls
are telling stories of forlorn souls
Forsaken in nightmares, they're falling down in endless naughts
Misunderstood, in a catch-22 they are caught



Humorless grinning and agression, nympholepsy
On a par with sorrowfullness and despondency
Humiliated as the scum of the society
Here in this god-forsaken place full of mortality



The awkawrdness of the patients
Was abused for quaint experiments
And if an inmate was recusant
They just were never seen again



For the standing of your session we just have to, we just have to calm you down!
It may be uneasy and a bit dolourisly but now just stop to cry!
Then we may ease all your gyves

Like helpless dollies on strings out of cruelness and contempt
They're crouching apathetic, waiting for deliverance

Distraughted and pleading cries
They fade away on naked dikes
And the cold and empty walls
are telling stories of forlorn souls
Forsaken in nightmares, they're falling down in endless naughts
Misunderstood, in a catch-22 they are caught



They took my self control! Where am I?
Trapped like a beast in a dreary cage
The cue ball of the bodied devil! I can't stand this anymore!
It seems like an illusion of my intoxication! The door is opened, and I break out!

Away from the pupperteers with cruel and lethal scripts!



I'm running out, hearing people screaming scandalized! Can't they see that I just want to stay alive?

They drag me down, I'm too weak to put up resistance!

With scared expression I'm praying for a painless punishment...



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